How to play ‘Among Us’

so you want to play among us do you well you’ve come to the right place but I warn you you will die over and over and over again but with my help you’ll be king of the crop there are two teams in among us.

The human crew mates and the alien imposters :

  • the humans job is to complete all the tasks around the map.
  • the alien’s job is to kill enough humans to stop that from happening.

Note if you are killed you still have to complete your tasks do you think death is an escape get on with them stop wasting time also this is played muted until the discussion is called don’t ruin it for everybody else keep your microphone off.

The human tasks are listed on the upper left of the screen and can be located in game using the map on the upper right of the screen once all humans completed all their tasks they win bada bing bada boom celebration time.

The other method of victory for humans is killing all the imposters humans can only kill by ejecting suspected impostors out of the game during a discussion discussions are called whenever a body is reported or the emergency meeting button is hastily pressed in the center of the map during an emergency meeting everyone unmutes discusses and accuses those deemed guilty.

Most likely a gold win you all have a gold one in your group kill him first at the end of the voting period the player with the most votes is ejected into space or lava you don’t get to choose that’s map dependent that’s it for the humans fairly simple.

The imposters however have a fake selection of tasks to be able to imitate a human but as they have no opposable thumbs they cannot actually access the tasks themselves so perceptive humans will watch for crewmates completing an animated task as it confirms they are human to help the imposters there are vents which enable fast travel around the map that only they can access they also can periodically sabotage the ship either by attacking the ship directly or by disabling systems.

When an attack happens the humans have a limited time to get to the issue and solve an emergency task to stop the countdown if these are not dealt with quickly enough then you lose humans and you have no one to blame but yourselves the disruption attacks limit what the humans can see or do giving the impostors an advantage so imposters you cannot sabotage more than one system at once you have to choose and you have to make it work finally there are some systems that help both sides.

On some maps there are cameras that can help you see into other parts of the map without the other players really noticing because they’re dumb and they don’t see the blinking red lights and the cameras next to them on other maps there are heartbeat monitors that let you know if a kill has been perpetrated or door monitors enabling you to figure out if someone’s used a vent inside an area.

Others are for you to discover on your own I’ve given you the basics I’ve given you the knowledge you need to succeed now go be victorious for me for me oh and don’t come back until you win.

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