5 WAYS To ESCAPE ELO HELL & CLIMB – Valorant Tips & Tricks

whether it’s because of bad teammates or your own skill sometimes it can be really difficult to just push through those few ranks that is why today we here at zaktips are going to be going through and taking a look at what you need to do to escape ello hell.

Question is : what was your elo hell generally in valorant the hardest ranks to grind through are gold and platinum but we know people can get stuck in different parts of the ladder.

With that out of the way let’s finally dive into the guide.

  • alright guys the first thing you need to know when you want to climb out of elo hell is that there are four other people in the lobby that are on your team these teammates are more often than not your ticket to actually escaping your elo hell there are some more things that we’re going to talk about later in the guide but this is definitely one of the most important valorant is a team game at the end of the day so communicating effectively and staying together as a team is very important so that means turn on your mic if you haven’t already or go out and buy one if you don’t have one by just simply talking into your mic to give call outs to your team you just increased your chance of winning the game by an easy 25 % on average we found that the average player actually doesn’t use their microphone all that much and we get it there are people out there who will be toxic the second you toggle your mic but if you want to climb you have to deal with the trolls.

The best way is to just ignore it use your mic and continue to give call-outs to your teammates just remember though sometimes you can leave your mic on for a bit too long and talking a lot can be annoying since it can prevent you from hearing things just remember to keep your calls clear and concise don’t add unnecessary details we know you would have gotten that jet if she didn’t have lower ping it’s okay using your mic is just one part of it though there are also a lot of things that you can take away from paying some more attention to your team.

  • Our second topic today will be covering map awareness and more specifically how to use your team’s positioning to get the drop on enemies sometimes when you’re trapped in elo hell you don’t have teammates that talk back or give call outs or you get a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re doing so in that case you have to take control and feed them information without talking the first step to this is paying attention to your mini-map before you can track enemies you have to track your teammates this is where you can start thinking about areas that are safe in areas that are clear any areas with your teammates are clear and any areas without your teammates aren’t clear simple right it is that is technically all you need to know but let us expand just a little bit the reason that you get caught out and die even when you have teammates on either side of you is because of one of a few reasons you either exposed yourself to a dangerous angle didn’t clear your corners properly or were further away from your teammates than you should have been.
  • The common factor that solves all these problems is to constantly be sticking with your team so if you need to carry a bunch of teammates who don’t know what the heck is going on then the first step is to stay close to them this makes sure that you can trade them when they inevitably push up and die to the phoenix holding with an op but hey it opens up an opportunity for you to get a trade kill see what i did there so as you’re setting up to get a trade kill onto this phoenix there is another thing you need to consider if you’re worried about your teammates potentially not being able to close out the round you need to consider whether or not fighting for the trade kill is worth it this is another point where map awareness becomes valuable once again if you’re paying attention to your mini-map you’ll be able to tell just how spread out or disorganized your teammates are this will help guide you towards whether or not you should go for the trade if your teammates are pretty spread out or on the other side of the map don’t go for the trade.
  • Remember you need to maximize the value out of every potential peak so if you can’t get traded or don’t think that risking it since your team might execute on the other site anyways is a good idea think twice before going for the peak so we covered how to keep track of your teammates and make plays off their position but there is much more useful information that the minimap provides us to climb out of that cesspit of elo hell you will have to leverage every advantage you have that includes keeping track of all the tiny things like when sova last uses recon arrow or how many lirs the enemy rayna has left have you ever wondered how pro players seem to just know unimaginable things with their agents or make crazy plays that only a madman can think of that is because they have passed through the fires of solo q as well and they have their own elo hell to climb for them that might involve countless hours of mastering trajectories or endless repetitions of a technique for you it doesn’t have to be that difficult but the lesson of the story is stick to mastering just a few agents when you climb out of the depths of hell you will have learned some general techniques that you can then apply to any agent to be proficient but until then just try to stick to up to three agents try to make at least two of these agents a class other than duelist we get it duelists are fun and they can lead to some easy wins the problem is though if you want to climb out of hell you will need to learn more than just aim playing controllers and sentinels will help teach you game sense and you will overall be more useful to the team while still retaining the ability to frag part of the beauty of valorant is that since most abilities are designed to just enable and not outright kill you can still be a very effective fragger on any agent now i must admit that i don’t expect an insta-lock cypher to be popping 360s and no scoping noobs into the dust and you don’t always have to frag even if you are playing a duelist let’s face it no matter how much we tell you it won’t help you climb some of you’re going to play duelists anyway so we might as well help you out while we’re here.
  • If you are going to play a duelist please please please please and i say please do not wait for the rest of your team to push in before you do while i will admit duelist should not always be the entry frag it is still your duty to be up there and to be close to the front and if there is no one else that wants to entry frag well that’s just a side effect of the role if you want to play the fun agent that gets to move and kill everyone you also have to be at least willing to run in first and show us all some highlight reddit frags in all seriousness though focus on trying to be at least one of the first ones in this way you will actually enable yourself to get more frags and will be less likely to have angry people screaming into their mics now we get it finding someone to play with isn’t always easy while I totally have enough friends to call on and definitely am not lonely I guess I could see possibly how someone could wait seven hours in a lobby seeing if someone invited them anyone so if you’re looking for someone to duo with a good way to find people is to just use our first tip and talk in your games try to send a friend request to the friendly people after your game and see if any of them are interested in being duo partners.
  • As long as you’re friendly on the mic and hopefully not being toxic you should have at least one person say yes at some point if you are that unlucky though then you can always check out the official valorant discord google it for the link but they have a looking for group section where you can look for teammates so you can meet some of the people in the community and rank up together if you’re not interested in looking for group services or even maybe a permanent duo partner you could always just add people after a game and then just play for as long as they’re on it was a pretty common thing to see in other games like counter-strike or league of legends but it allows you to have some people that you already know will be okay in game and have slightly better communication with them than randoms every time.

we mentioned earlier that you have to be willing to leverage any advantage in order to climb if you want to escape elo hell and vod review is part of that process we know it can be boring to record your gameplay and go over it but it will show you your holes in your gameplay you would not have otherwise been able to see you know how everyone always says hindsight is 2020 and you can’t change the past well if you study your vods and pay attention to your mistakes you can prevent those mistakes from happening again and there you go an easy climb awaits.

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