10 Tips for Beginners in PUBG

so I’ve worked hard to come up with some tips for bad players like me that give you just a bit more of an edge in a game and it might mean that you get the occasional good game a bit like a really good hole on a round of golf where you’re not doing so well so guys I hope you find these useful let’s get straight into it.

Tip 1 : you may not realize it but if you fire from the hips a gun is lonely not looking down the iron sights it’s really inaccurate now this is the case even when you’ve got little white pointer in the center of the screen on the target player it can spray all around the base as you can see in this video so always try and look down the iron scientist it’s not always easy especially if someone jumps you but it’s just try and do this because you will be a lot more accurate as you can see when you look down the iron sights you’re much more on.

Tip 2 : try and remember the flight direction of the plane this is going to show you where other buildings have been looted people always try and jump out the plane and get down as quickly as possible so the building is what the plane goes over generally are looted so if you jump out and you head back towards the flight the plane the buildings that were in that flight are as I say probably looted now obviously people go to the military base in the school but just bear that in mind it may make you change your pathway to a different location if you can remember at which angle the plane came in.

Tip 3 : three if you like me and in heat of the moment you forget you’ve got grenades you’ve got to try and reprogram your mind to remember them they can be so useful they can be distracting they damage they can help you escape but you’ve got to remember you’ve got them on the button so press five and throw your grenades can be very effective.

Tip 4 : now I have an OK computer but I want to get as many frames as possible so I lower the graphics settings one thing I do make sure is my view distance is set at Ultra spotting players is key to pub G so make sure you’ve got that on ultra and make sure you’ve got your graphics down low unless you’ve got a super duper computer that allows you to play a high frame way even when you’ve got your graphics up high.

Tip 5 : it’s so tempting to pop a shot you see a player in a distance you’ve got maybe a substandard scope on your AKM you pop it and if you like me a bad player you might hit them once or twice but chances are you’re not going to take them down wait for the right moment if you expose yourself by firing a distance the likelihood is someone’s gonna come up and kill you some cocky swords gonna pull in and then take you down.

Tip 6 : let me ask you a question are you quaking in a house where you know there’s a guy coming at you at speed it’s moving through the rooms really quickly what do you do well one thing you can do is relocate jump out of a window or off a balcony and then position yourself somewhere else get a view on that house so you can see the guy coming out you may not be on the right side but at least you’ve taken the offensive this is one tact that you may not want to do this but I find this as a bad player is actually quite an effective way of trying to take some people down now if I’m faced one-on-one asan comes out of a door the chances are I’m not gonna be quick enough with my reactions but if I’m positioned by bush or by a container I spot someone coming out there’s a good chance I can get that guy as you can see here.

Tip 7 : beware of the pro there are some amazing players in this game now what you may find yourself in is a situation where a car drives to a town someone’s pressing horn someone’s making a lot of gunfire this is probably someone trying to draw you out I personally sit tight let that player go and then maybe I’ve got more of a chance but what you can do also is watch what happens when this player draws out another character see if you can contribute and be the third person of lions take the advantage you never know that might happen always be careful someone’s pushy try and put it back on your own terms now this is tips for crack players not for pro players if you’re a good player go in and take that player down.

Tip 8 : maybe waiting is a good option now when you land and you know there’s someone else around you go to building get yourself a gun if you’re lucky enough close all the doors leave some loot so it looks like no one’s actually been in there and troll them wait in a room until they come up you’ll hear them come your heart will pound and then they’ll come through the door and they just cannot react quickly enough they will not be expecting it you can blast them as you can see here this is probably one for the most popular trolling techniques in game it’s valid do it get yourself a kill get yourself some loot they would have already looted a couple of houses hopefully so then you’ve got the advantage and you can take their loot and move on zip nine now the best way to loot is by pressing tap get the habit you can see here that I right-click on the items on the floor to go into my inventory now if you’re a real pro and I’m not a real pro I’m a bad player you can drag it with your left click into your backpack very quickly swipe swipe swipe swipe press let’s do it that way the pros do it that way they will do it in seconds and you can hardly take a breath takes them a second to clear a house but you could try this you could try and improve I find I tend to if I start dragging it I miss it and then I’m going back and the right-click although slower than the left drag is for me what seems to be working best I’m working up that left click drag.

Tip 10 : my final tip it’s really simple just don’t bother without helmet if you can’t find a helmet go and find the helmet people will take you out through windows with headshots you’ll be so vulnerable always seek out helmite if you haven’t got one don’t even bother trying to take anybody on simple so guys there are the tips I hope you find them interesting I hope they help now maybe there’s some more to pick up there is no doubt and I’m going to have to keep practicing putting hundreds of hours into this game I’m going to be any good at all

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