6 Beginner Mistakes in Team fight Tactics TFT Beginner’s Guide

so you want to climb up the ranks and team fight tactics well this is how you do it in this guide I want to go over six of the most common beginner mistakes or players that are playing in bronze silver gold platinum etc that make these kinds of mistakes that affect their game and ultimately cause them to lose too early or take too much damage these things are not the most basic.

1 : beginner mistake that I see all the time is gonna be picking a team comp too soon or too early into the game the problem is that players look at these final team comps these seven eight or nine sized teams that work really well together they have great synergies and with the right items they can dominate the game but what they don’t realize is the game is built all the way up until late game you have early game comps we have mid game comps and you have late game comps and you also have transitional comps and units that are really good at getting you to that late-game stage so if you’re picking a comp in the beginning of the game you’re probably gonna run into a situation where you can’t complete it you don’t have enough money or things just don’t work out in your favor or maybe you don’t even have the items for that Cup because as we all know compositions and team fight tactics are built by items not by units so here’s a general rule of thumb to help you know when you should picking a comp I like to look for my final game comp by the time I hit around wolves anything before wolves is usually just a mid game cup or a stopgap to see if you can make it through mid game without losing too much HP but around wolves is win the time that people will start picking their compositions for late-game based on the unit’s they’ve been able to get to two and three star the items they’ve been collecting throughout the game and what makes sense based on what is available to them so if you’re picking your team comp the fork rugs or you know before you even get to the same carousel you’re likely going to lose the game because your whole momentum built up too late game is a constant reassessment of what you have and what you can make and what the best option for it is.

2 : beginner mistake that I see all the time is people re rolling at the wrong time or re-rolling too often now we will give this guidance that you want to play the way the lobby is playing if all the seven other players are playing aggressive and re-rolling you also have to do the same you cannot play econ when everyone else is reeling and vice versa if you’re playing aggressive and re-rolling when everyone else is running economy you’re gonna lose the game because those just don’t match right if you’re any economy you’re not collecting enough units you’re gonna fall behind and lose too much HP and probably die before you even make it to laking but here’s a good rule of thumb for re roll e in general you want to have a goal in mind if your re rolling and you don’t have a goal in your mind you should not be rolling at all this is specifically like I have a chogath one I want to get chogath to two stars and I’m at level 6 or 7 or higher where I’m very likely to get four costs like chogath and so I’m gonna be re roll in using the economy I have knowing I’m sacrificing my money so that I can get that chogath to to star this is a great example of a goal you have in mind if you’re just blindly free rolling you’re gonna waste a lot of money you’re not gonna have the income that you need to get to late-game and pull the game out of your hat and you’ll get stuck generally if you get two Raptors and you don’t have your late-game build most players are round Raptors will be going all-in and what this means is if you don’t have your late-game build close or you don’t even have an idea of what your late-game build is gonna be because it just hasn’t come together yet if you’re passing Raptors you probably want to go ahead and take the 40 or 50 gold that you have and just re roll all that and roll down and see what you can pick up there’s a lot of times if you’re going past raptors and getting the dragon and you don’t have a late-game comp you’re in late-game at this point and you need to find a build or you’re just gonna get eliminated but.

3 : mistake that I see from beginners in this game a lot is building the wrong items or building items at the wrong time now items like I said earlier and I will always preach this items are what makes team fight tactics builds work if you’re running gunslingers and you don’t have gunslinger items it’s gonna fail if you’re running shapeshifters and you don’t have shapeshifter items it’s gonna fail you’re running sorcerers you get the idea you have to find the right items that work for the build you’re running and often times if you know what you’re doing I would recommend seeing your items and building a composition off of that if you’re getting a lot of Giants belts you don’t want to run hyper carries because you’re not going to get the rage blades the rapid fire cannons the bloodthirster the things that make the hyper carries work if you’re gonna run Rangers you want to have a lot of static SHIVs and Shogun’s for the ash to make it work if you don’t have those items you’re gonna have to think of something else and so building the wrong items there’s a couple items in the game that are generally just not good to pick I would actually put I on x mark in that role right now it can be good against certain comps but it’s starting to fall off a lot but there are some items that just aren’t worth picking up and there’s also items that generally are based on a specific area of the game static ship is really good early on if you get ionic spark really good early on it can do a lot of damage but late in the game they don’t do as much the flipside of that is if you get relanomicon at the very beginning of the game that won’t have the same level of impact because relanomicon is great if you’re using on people like kenan Garen anyone that has a large AOE Cho goth Karthus these kinds and the team fight needs to last long enough for a you to get your ultimate off and be for that relanomicon to actually take effect and so if you’re building relanomicon with three units or four units on the board it’s not gonna have the same impact as another item.

4 : mistake that I see a lot and this is probably actually worth an entire video on its own I’ll put that on my list but it’s not playing what the game gives you I want to tell you right now that you need to get it out of your head that you are in control of what composition you build it’s not true especially when you get to the high levels you are building what the game is giving you this combines items based on what drops and also what you’re able to roll if you want to run Knights but you’re not being given any Knights you don’t want to spend 60 gold re roll and trying to find this Knight build when either the Knights are being taken by other players or you’re just not finding them you’re just unlucky and the rolls not there so what a lot of times what will happen and this happens to me if I feel like you know I’m hitting a point where I need to all-in I’m doing what’s what I like to call rolling down which is just rolling until you find something is you roll and you find units that are valuable units that are high-value to your team and you just keep buying them until you can find one that gets to two star or three star and then you start coalescing a composition around that what the game is giving you is what you should be building there are times where I start out with a really great nobles or gunslinger build and then all of a sudden the game just gives me six shivani’s out of nowhere and so what I need to do a fad and say okay cool I just got close to a three-star Shyvana let me see if I can run shapeshifter yordle or wild shapeshifter or something with the Shyvana and build items around that because guess what the game is giving me a lot of duplicates of this unit and so I’m gonna play off that I’ll see if I can make a video separate from this cause this is actually a whole other topic entirely but it’s very important that you’re paying attention to what the game is giving you.

5 : mystic I see beginners make all the time is running units that bring low value the unit’s you put on your board you want to have a high-value output this means that their ultimate gets off or they live long enough to impact the team fight or they fit into a synergy that you’re trying to build I see a lot of players run units that either aren’t very good units like Elise right now is kind of crappy Twisted Fate doesn’t really do a whole lot these units don’t bring a lot to the board and if you spend a lot of money investing in them or putting them in your team comp you’re just gonna be down right in a lot of cases if you run like a Twisted Fate versus a different unit that’s not even in your synergy it may be beneficial just to run that other unit like if I see a Twisted Fate or a papi and I’m running sorcerers as long as I have three sorcerers I might just run the papi because the Twisted Fate doesn’t bring a whole lot to the team fight.

6 : I see a lot of players run into and this is something that you’ll learn over time as you get better at the game but not constantly assessing your team’s strengths and weaknesses this again this requires a lot of experience but this is something that I want you guys to be working on as you’re playing the game but think about what you need right sure you may have a composition in mind then your one or two units off of but watch every time your team fights another team and see what you surmise from it it might be that holy crap I have a lot of damage but I don’t have any front line that’s up there defending it and so my damage dealing characters are just dying too fast or they’re being exposed and they can’t be trapped so you want to see if you can get some front line in there even if it means that you just grabbed a tanky unit like a Brom or a leona or a chogath or something even if it doesn’t fit your composition it’s still fitting the need of I need front line right now conversely say you have a very like for Knights two Guardians you this really tanky team and it takes a while for you to lose but you still lose every time you might be missing damage and so you want to see if you can add damage into your composition even if it doesn’t fit with synergy throwing in an extra Sasson or finding a Draven or putting a rengar in there even if it doesn’t fit what you’re going for might be enough to get you over the edge and prevent you from losing HP until your full composition comes online and that’s it for these six beginner mistakes that I see all the time watching streams and talking to players and playing on multiple accounts these if you’re able to master these and really work these into your play will make a huge difference and your ability to climb the rank

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