10 Things I Wish I Knew before playing New World Preview

new world has lifted their nda and allowed players to flood into their alpha or what they’re calling preview servers this week to give the game a try to get access to the preview servers you can either get a code gifted to you online or pre-order the game on steam or amazon quick note amazon seems to be a little bit slower on giving the keys but either way you should get access.

In today’s guide we will cover 10 things I wish I knew when I started playing so that you can know them too :

1 : If you run out of stamina you can block while it’s empty to refill it to full note that this will block break you but it is a fast and simple way to recover your stamina.

2 : Resources can be tracked on your compass when they are nearby open your character screen and go to trade skills then go to the trade skill of your choice to see what skill level is required to start tracking each resource once your skill level is high enough with that trade skill you will start to see these resources on your compass when you’re walking around the game world number three each weapon currently has three skill slots for your abilities but they do contain six abilities in both of their trees which can be a little confusing for new players I’ve seen some players respect every time they want to change abilities but it’s worth knowing that you can have more than three abilities unlocked in your tree and you will have them unlocked by the end of the game once you unlock the fourth ability which can’t work because you only have three skill slots you can actually open up your skill tree screen and freely assign any ability to a hotkey by clicking on them so once you have all the abilities unlocked you can change which three are on your hotbar easily.

4 : You can see what each settlement has in its storage from the map screen this can be done from anywhere in the world each settlement on the map has its own separate storage so when leaving items behind it may be a challenge to remember where everything is luckily you can hover over a settlement from the map screen and view the items in storage.

5 : The map screen also contains a handy guide on where to find key resources like oil or hemp if you really need a specific resource go to your map and on the left side click resource locations you will see a biome tile set displayed next to each resource then just zoom in on your map to see what biome a specific location is to track down any resource you may need.

6 : If an enemy or player is too far away to be revealed then you can simply hover over them with your reticle this trick is useful for identifying players who may pose a threat to you in pvp from a far distance before they actually get revealed.

7 : Your combat dodge will avoid attacks but on the preview servers your sprinting dodge will not I’ve seen players hold sprint and dodge away in a panic when someone is on them in melee range but oftentimes this can lead to them dying because when they sprint dodge they will get attacked and stunned your sprinting dodge may cover more ground but it doesn’t protect you from being stunned from a melee attack so take your time and dodge first and then start sprinting away.

8 : Eight crafting in a settlement pulls resources from both your inventory and your storage shed rest easy friends you can simply dump all your materials and resources into the storage shed in a settlement without worrying about being unable to craft because the stuff isn’t in your inventory I’ve started filling the storage of multiple settlements with commonly needed materials so that i can craft as i pass through that town without being encumbered while adventuring.

9 : Ranged weapons fire slower when you have no stamina if you’re out of stamina your ranged weapons will be slower to fire I know this throws me off all the time you may get used to the refire timer on your weapon and look to cancel and move between shots only to find out you cancelled too early because you were out of stamina and your weapon didn’t fire replenish your stamina first and your fire rate will return to normal and lastly.

10 : Your attribute respects are free up until level 20 on the preview servers so you are free to respect your attribute distributions in the early levels to test out different builds that you may like but aim to have a build that is more solidified before reaching level 20 as your respects will no longer be free and that does it for this guide I hope these tips prove useful for you out in the new world I hope you’re having a ton of fun with the preview servers and I’m assuming they’re going to have a lot of testing opportunities in the future.

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