Beginner’s Guide to DBD

spooky stuff it’s well this guide will cover everything you need to know to get start this is not meant as an exhaustive list it’s not an advanced
guide but this will be more of a jump start guide in that it’ll help you
get into the game if you haven’t played before or maybe you just played an hour or two and you want to know one of the basics that helped me get into the game.
So let’s go Dead by daylight is an asymmetrical PvP game, which just means
that the teams aren’t even one killer faces off against four survivors in a
battle to the death you’ll all start in a map that has two exit gates that
are powered down at the start generator spawn across the map and survivors must power these back up in order to get the exit gates open to escape the killer’s job is to brutally clean the survivors put them on hooks and prevent them from Escaping.

If you’ve seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre you’ve already read the
instruction manual you can actually play us some of your favorite horror film villains like Michael Freddy or pig head max like Amanda and the zombie blood start with survivor gameplay and give you
everything you need to get started.
You’re in a team of four and you will need to work together to survive
survivors that play selfishly will just end up losing more points in the end there will be seven generators on the map five of which you need a fully
repair in order to power the escape gates on most Maps you can spot these
generators easily by looking for light bulbs that hang above them and if you’re on a house map you’ll see blinking chandeliers inside the house repair the generators by holding your action button on the generator beware that periodically skill checks will appear on.

The screen these will be preceded by a warning sound hitting the
small white portion gives you a great success and will boost your progress the hollow gray portion is a simple good check while missing the white area all together it will result in a fail failing will revert the generator progress some and alert the killer to your location for most killers as they get close to you, you will enter what’s called their terror radius and music and a heartbeat will start to play in your ears the closer they are the louder and more intense the music will be now it’s important to remember that the killer is actually in first person while you are in third person so you’re gonna want to use this to your advantage crouching grass patches and hide behind walls and use your camera to watch the killers approach from behind the wall always Try to keep your camera on the killer for as long as possible to watch their movements if they go to wrap around an obstacle you want to react to this properly by going the opposite way look for multi-colored pallets around the level as these are the easiest way to slow.

Killers chase you can throw down the pallet on top of a killer and this
will stun them you also vault over windows and down pallets at three
different speeds a slow vault comes when walking and hitting the vault at an angle a medium vault however is when you are running but don’t hit the angle.
Quite right a fast vault is what you want when you’re in a chase and these
come when you’re running and you are lined up perfectly with the vault and press the button once for me personally.
I like to tell the difference based on what my feet do during the vault a slow
vault is pretty obvious and that you’ll slowly crawl over the window or the pallet a medium vault is when you are moving quickly but your feet still touch the window and a fast vault I remember and recognize by when you slide across it without your feet touching it also.

Keep in mind that medium and fast vaults will notify the killer of your location and are considered a fast movement now around the map there will be what’s called totems that the killer will use for various effects if they are unlit they are called doll totems and if you ever see one lit up it is a hex totem and should almost always be cleansed if your skill checks on generators are read this means the killer is using the ever common hex ruin and you have to find the lit totem and cleanse it to get rid of the debuff with hex ruin up great skill checks will simply continue the progress of the generator a good skill check will actually regress the generators progress and a fail is still a fail now when you hit a good it doesn’t notify the killer
of your Loki but it does set the generator back a bit.

This is actually a little bit of a noob trap ability because a lot of times players will just leave a generator but the best way to deal with this is a to find the totem quickly or simply just power through it pun intended so you want to be moving the generator progress forward even though hex ruin is there because you may not be able to find the totem right away.

Now let’s talk about what happens once a killer is chasing you want to loop them around obstacles preferably with at least one window and an unused pallet in the area the better you get at this the longer this chase will ensue and at first it may feel like things are hopeless but as you get to know the maps and the areas that you can use to Juke the killer you can actually keep chases going for minutes at a time.

However keep in mind that anytime you run you will leave behind a trail of scratch marks that the killer can see for up to 10 seconds so be careful that you’re not running when the killer is not aware of your presence once five generators are powered to exit gates will be activated but they must be open using the switch outside of them which takes time the execute SAR always at the edge of the map and can be spotted by their large framing and a huge metal door.

Once the gate is open simply walk out to escape the trial if the generators aren’t finished however a hatch will open once one survivors left remaining so you’re not stuck if you’re by yourself and the gates aren’t powered up yet if you are by yourself and in this situation the hatch does make an ambient humming sound so you can find it that way but wait the true goal of a survivor is to get as many points as possible before the trial is over it’s not just about getting away so rather than just doing generators and escaping by yourself you’ll want to look for opportunities to rescue hooked teammates or heal wounded allies. Everything you do in this game provides points but rescuing teammates is actually one of the best and should be a top priority if you can actually manage it another tip which is actually a personal pet peeve of mine if you ever get downed into the dying state as a survivor unless you’re crawling to something of purpose like a hatch or you’re crawling over to a pallet so that someone can stun the killer when you get picked up. Always recover your HP you can actually get your HP all the way up to 98% so that someone can just walk by tap you once and instantly get you up the people that crawl around a bunch that recovering our like we’re the most annoying things to me so make sure you’re just getting that recovery up so when someone does take the time to come get you when the killer’s nearby it doesn’t take forever.

Now both survivors and killers bring a load out of for Perks with them when they start the match here are some of the common killer perks to be aware of as a survivor :

  • Barbeque and chili when a survivor is hooked all other survivors on the map are revealed to the killer for four seconds unless they are close to the killer or inside of a locker so if you’re across the map and the killer just took someone just be aware that he may have just seen where you are hex rune we talked about earlier but when the hex totem is active generator good skill checks roll back progress on generators hex no one escapes death or commonly referred to by the community as no Edie once all generators are powered survivors suffer from the exposed status effect which means that they will go down in one single shot but enough.

Survivor talk let’s talk murder the killer role is exhilarating once you figure it out here the basics survivors take two basic hits before they go down they transition from three states healthy to injured to die once the survivor is dying you can pick them up from the ground and carry them to a hook survivors can be hooked three times maximum before they are instantly sacrificed and removed from the game once the survivors injured listen for whispering sounds nearby it will also leave a blood trail behind them scratch marks that survivors leave by running will fade over time they last a total of ten seconds but start to fade immediately so you can follow the path by watching which direction they are fading in by which scratch marks are fresher than others. your primary goal is actually to get survivors onto hooks so don’t give up chases too often especially if you get a survivor in a wounded state you also want to apply pressure on the entire map not just one area so make sure you’re keeping survivors off of generators and keeping good control of the map.

Another gotcha for early killer players is you don’t really want to break pallets right away most often you want to go around the pallet unless the survivor forces you to break it because it’s actually it’s a long animation you’ll get stuck in it and the survivor will actually get a great deal of distance between you once they see that you’re breaking the pile the same thing goes for vaulting windows killers vault through windows pretty slowly on average so we want to make sure that you’re going around the wall instead of always following through on the vault if a survivor goes through the window.

Here are some common survivor perks that you’ll run into when you’re playing killer :

  • Dead hard is a teachable perk by David that allows a survivor to make a quick dash when they’re in an injured State this dash has iframes so if you swing at them while they’re dashing you’ll deal no damage you can count this pretty easily just by getting really close to them if you think they have dead heart and then just doing a tap on the m1 rather than a lunge because it’ll just hit them before they can usually trigger.

The dead heart Balance landing is a teachable perk by Nia it allows survivors to get a burst of speed when they come off the ledge so if you see a survivor leading you up to a staircase or a ledge they may have this perk decisive strike is a teachable perk by Lori that allows survivors who have just recently been unhooked to get a skill check while you’re holding them and actually stun you and get off your shoulder if you’re carrying them to the club so be aware that if snipers haven’t hooked recently they may have decisive strike and a lot of counters for this is really just dropping them as soon as you pick them up which makes them fail the skill check and that does it for this.

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