10 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve at Fall Guys – Tips and Tricks

as the days go by we discover more and more about fall guys and its hidden secrets in today’s guide we will cover 10 tips that will help you rake in the crowns if you’re just starting out in fall guys you can pick up the basics in this guide

  1. Slime climb :

Slime climb is one of the most challenging maps to clear in fall guys luckily it is riddled with skips and speed ups that you can use when you reach the plateau with spinning hammers you can use the hammer closest to the wall to jump up to the next level this does take practice but can be a big time save and get you away from the crowd the goal is to land on the top side of the hammer itself as it is spinning towards the wall then jump immediately up to the next level.

2. Shake and bake :

Shake and bake at the end of slime climb you can use the low friction of the slime path along with the momentum granted from the donut stacks to finish the map slide towards the inside corner as you near the last 90 degree turn then let the donut stack bump you off the level and as you fall jump to the lash straight away if done correctly this will allow you to skip the first wrecking ball and leave other players in the dust tip number three the underdog in hit parade the first obstacle wants you to run along rollers for the shortest path forward if you fall there is a path back up but it is a longer distance however since there is slime below you can actually either tie with those up above or if you do this skip perfectly you can beat anyone who took the top path this one takes a lot of practice as well but here’s the rub jump off the ledge and make sure you land without falling down you can do this by either slowing your forward momentum or by diving just before you land slide down the hill and pick up speed and then transition to the upward slope again to avoid falling you either need to slow your forward momentum by turning around or dive just before you land on the next slope the added speed here will launch you forward faster than walking up.

4. If I shake I’m fake :

If I shake I’m fake this one I thought would be a given but it seems many players miss this subtle detail of tiptoe if you ever see a tile shake it means it is fake this gives you many options for strategy I like to watch the last two rows as I walk along to see if I can identify the last path before anyone else if you’re observant enough you can use it to skip across the tiles as well.

5. Tatango :

Tatango speaking of tiptoe at the making of this the last two tiles are always a straight path as you near the end of tiptoe if the second to last row is found you can simply run for the finish line as this means the tile immediately in front of it is real as well.

6. One step back :

One step back in block party you may have had this happen to you you’re in the middle of standing up after a fall as a jump bar comes barreling down on you only to find that you are dragged off the edge you’re spamming jump but nothing happens as you fall to the slimy pits if you find yourself in this situation you can run backwards away from the bar and you will be able to jump forward again.

7. The underbelly :

The underbelly there are many places in the game where a small triangle-shaped hole will be open for you one such place is when caught in a corridor against an oncoming ball if you dive into the left or right corner under the ball before it hits you you’ll be able to avoid getting knocked down by the ball.

8. Get low :

Get low the same triangle shaped gap can be found on the second to last propeller in whirligig as you go up the conveyor belt dive into the left corner where the propeller approaches you from the left if you time it right you’ll land on the conveyor belt and it will move your prone body through the gap without getting touched even if the propeller is about to hit you even if your timing is slightly off you will typically avoid getting thrown off since you now have a lower center of gravity.

9. Expressway :

Expressway only normies jump across the final gap in whirligig instead stand on the left side of the platform and let the spinning bar launch you to the finish where you need to stand depends on where the windmill is in front of you typically you want to stand on the top left side as the bar approaches and then adjust forward or backward based on where the open gap is in front of you.

10. Pressed sandwich :

Pressed sandwich in the final round of jump showdown you can sometimes get caught in an eternal struggle for first place you’ll often find that players start trying to grab you to sabotage you and take the win but there’s a positioning strategy that has a high success rate here as the bar approaches from the right stand to the left of the person you want to doom and grab them you’ll want them to be the meat of the sandwich while you and the bar on the other side are the bread let go as the bar reaches you and jump even if the victim jumps in time the bar will usually take them out and knock them off the level and honestly I regret making this a tip so please forgive me.

Bonus Tip :

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up I’m including this as a bonus tip as it has come up in my comments a lot if you’re having issues where you randomly fall even when no one is near you here is some info the devs at mediatonic have acknowledged this as a bug and they are working on a fix especially for console it seems to be related to resolution and fps so here are some possible troubleshooting ideas play around with your v sync setting by turning it off or on change the monitor or TV refresh rate and mess with your resolution as well make sure that your monitor or TV refresh rate is matching to what you expect it to be and on PC some players have found success by lowering their resolution for a large number of players these seem to be temporary fixes until the bug gets fixed and that does it for this guide

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